2007 Brewery Changes

Bavarian rule in 1553 outlawed summer brewing altogether - The official brewing season was to be from St. Michael's Day (9/29) to St. George's Day (4/23). I follow this rule for my brewing season so I am getting ready to start the 2007-8 brewing year!!!

I had some time off from work early in the year and we did not go on any vacations this year so I was able to brew a lot. 2006-7 started out as an interesting brew year with the brewing of several gluten-free beers with the most unusual being an Imperial Chibuku of 17% ABV* . Pepper beer, Cerveza Aurellio, was brew again and a few sour beers, a Lambic and two Berliner Weisses. Then a few fruit beers before some conventional brews. Most of the beer has been consumed now - Some good - some bad but I also enjoy the bad beers. The rest is being aged (old ale and Barley wines) or in storage (Lagers). Next year with more family activities and an increasing demands from work, I know I will not be able to brew as much. I will probably brew less lagers and concentrate on Brown Ales, Stouts and Porters as these are the beers I drink the most of. I spent the last few week's re-organizing the "Shower Stall" Brewery so that I can be better organized and my family can use the basement! Below are picture of the new brewery.

*Wyeast 3347 Eau de Vie!

Family Wanted to use the Pool Table - So I had to Reorganize.

Beer Stube, Lagering, Grain Storage, and Milling Area


The Original Shower Stall is Still the Main Area of the Brewery.

Wort Ferments to Beer in The Shower Stall!


Cellaring and Bottle Storage Area

Supplies and Cold Storage


Beer Analysis Area

Studying Wort, Grain and Beer Color.


Beers Made - Labels

Special Fermentation Area


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