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Beer Judge Certification Program


Home Brew Digest


Brew Your Own (BYO) Magazine


How to Stick a Beer Bottle to the Wall and more -


Pints for Prostates
Pints for Prostates - See News letter or click to visit website for more information.


American Homebrewers Association

Brewers Association


The Beer Fox, Carolyn Smagalskiís, amazing online features about beer!


All the Statewide Indiana Beer Information

Foam Blowers of Indiana


Support Your Local Brewery


Central Indiana Alliance of Beer Judges


Tippecanoe Homebrewers' Circle


Bloomington Hop Jockeys


5127 E. 65th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220

Website -
 contact -

Beer Stuff and Happenings - local Blog
with Mike, Gina, Jason, Jim, Jess, Chris, 2 Matts, and Rodney


All About Beer


The Most Widely Circulated Beer Newspaper in America.
Now There is a Great Lakes Edition!


Beer is not just another beer website. It's a beer site dedicated to people who love beer,
built by people who love beer. It's a beer movement, a state of mind, an attitude and a forum to promote beer
 and change within the beer industry.   



Brewers of Indiana Guild -
The Brewers of Indiana Guild is a non-profit trade organization whose primary focus is promoting the interests and activities of the microbrewery industry in Indiana.


Beer Judge Certification Program
American Homebrewers Association
Association of Brewers -

  Stephen Beaumont's World of Beer


Beer & Health -


RateBeer -

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Beer Facts, History of Beer, Cooking with Beer


"If you love brewery history and advertising....If you collect signs, steins, cans, bottles, labels...or anything "beer"....
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Local Blogs


Appellation Beer


Local Pod Casts

Good Beer Show

Masterbrewer's Program U.C. Davis

BIG bunch of beer related webs links at

CAMRA - The 'A campaign for real ale' site

Siebel Institute of Technology - Brewing Science Courses

Choosing a Beer - Basics

Beer is my life -beer ratings - more than 12,500 beers, 8,314 breweries, mostly in USA.

All about beer Magazine's Site

Trappist Beers

Midwest Beer Notes


All About Beer - Events Calendar


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