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Grain to Mash

Malt and Hop Storage

Malt Milling

Tanks of Hot Water for Mashing

Mash Tubs and the Brewmaster's Laboratory

Company Internal Links:THE RINGLER BREWERY. The buildings of the George Ringler Brewing Companycomprise the new brew house on 92d Street, and the refriger-ated store house adjoining the old brew house in the rearof the new structure, the refrigerating machine house andcondenser house on 91st Street, the covered yard, the stablebuilding next to the refrigerated storage house, extendingfrom 92d through to 91 t Streets, a second stable on thesouth side of 91st Street, extending through to 90th Streetand accommodating 150 horses, as well as the office on thecorner of Third Avenue and 92d Street, and the pumpingstation on 91st Street between First and Second Avenues.As shown in the accompanying illustration, there are twotwelve foot wide entrances under the brew house to the drive-way connecting the rear buildings of the Company. A stair- ing; located over the mash tubs is also a malt storage roomfor 30,000 bushels. On the upper floor are a hot and coldwater tub, two conversion tub bins, and a second mill floor.

Main -Beer Making -Utilities&Departments - Offices - Breweriana - Grain to Mash - Brewing - CIBAS