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Home Made Bar Train


66 beer bottles = one cheap rooftop solar water heater

Take 66 beer bottles. Fill them with water and connect so that it flows slowly from bottle to bottle. Place apparatus on roof (or better yet, build it in place) and voila, you have the ultimate in DIY solar thermal hot water systems. Not only do you get the pleasure of consuming 66 bottles of beer on the way, you also get the joy of providing hot water for your mother to shower in comfort. That's Ma Yanjun, a farmer in Qiqiao village, Shaanxi province--the heartland of China. He built the contraption for his mother, according to Weird Asia News, making him both a devoted son and one of the numerous backyard enthusiasts who have discovered a simple way to harness the power of the sun. Of course, you don't have to build your own. In fact, Ma may already have made a business out of it: 10 families in the village have followed his lead.

Doggie Beer


Non-Alcoholic Beer for Your Dog

Come on Have Another One

Beer Launching Fridge - Video on download page.

Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, "What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the BEER came to ME???" Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer launching fridge. About 3 months and several hundred dollars later I have a fully automated, remote controlled, catapulting, man-pit approved, beer launching mini-fridge. It holds 10 beers in its magazine with 14 more in reserve to store a full case. It is controlled by a keyless entry system. Pressing unlock will start the catapult rotating and when it is aiming at your target, pressing unlock again will stop it. Then the lock button can be pressed to launch a beer in the selected direction.

-John W. Cornwell - B.L.F. Inventor

Beer Can Chicken    See Sept.-Oct. Newsletter for Information 

WineBot (not in the Running). Not used at present for beer. WineBot  identifies the type, brand and other information on the contents! Suggestion from CIBAS - Save the $1000, Read the F'n label, open and drink the beer!


Beer Cooler Scooter

Somebody had a stroke of genius when coming up with this vehicle. This Cooler is a electric scooter with 14mph top speed. The motorized ride-on beer cooler has a 500W motor and can carry up to 300lbs. The cooler accommodates up to 24 12-oz. beverage cans (beer) and 8 lbs. of ice, allowing you to transport chilled food or beverages up to 15 miles on a single charge. With this vehicle you are the star of every party. I can totally imagine Hugh Hefner cruising with the cooler scooter on one of his next Playboy mansion parties. Hammacher Schlemmer sells the 14mph Cooler for an ok price of $499.95. You should pimp with the cushioned seat and backrest for the perfect look) of the cooler scooter.


cooler scooter



Beer-Bicycle Mobile Pub!

German Novelty Beer Tap!

Shirt that allows you to take beer from drunks and  under-age drinkers

R/C Beverage Buggy

R/C Beer Buggy


- This remote controlled toy car is ideal for big boys. The R/C Buggy can transport two beer cans. With the R/C Buggy you can stay at your couch and drive to the kitchen, where your spouse is hopefully kind enough to fill two cold ones into the buggy. Sells the for $49.95.

 1950s Beer Can Table and Chairs


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