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Bavarian rule in 1553 outlawed summer brewing altogether - the official brewing season was to be from St. Michael's Day (9/29) to St. George's Day (4/23). Brewers of this time had to find other work during the warmer months. Many brewers became unexplainably ill and disturbed during those months. There are several reports that some of these brewers became dangerously crazed and never recovered. Fortunately most of these dedicated men and women would recover with the resumption of their craft after St. George's Day.

Well, it's now summertime and during the warm busy summer months I don't brew much. Maybe it's the heat or that I'm busier drinking the beer - but I just don't feel right - more disoriented than my normal dazed and confused disoriented state. I miss the brewing work and the odors associated with the process. Thus, I have sought professional help and would now like to pass on some information to my fellow brewers. --- Apparently this feeling is common amongst homebrewers and the professional brewer. It is commonly known as 'Brewer's Withdrawal Syndrome' or BWS. BWS will resolve soon after the resumption of brewing and obviously this is the best remedy. Another, but short-term, remedy is to visit your local brewpub - drink the beer and deeply inhale the brewery's air and it's odors. While this therapy has many benefits, I realize that brewers can't spend all of their hours in the pub when not brewing. It may seem hopeless. However, now, through the miracle of the Internet and Cyberscent Release®, temporary relief of BWS is only a logon and a click away here on the Brewer's Withdrawal Page !!!!!

Use accordingly - With beer filled glass in hand follow the instructions below, works best with eyes closed. Repeat daily until brewing resumes.

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Scratch and Sniff
Scratch the Cyberscent Release® patches below to reveal scent.

Living Yeast Hot Mash Boiling Wort


Fresh Hops

Fresh Beer


Cyberscent Release® patches have also demonstrated relief for VWS (Vinification Withdrawal Syndrome)
Note - VWS is not as severe as BWS so you just need to repeat weekly alternating between red and white.



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