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With the onset of Prohibition, the George Ringler and Company Brewery made low alcoholic beverages like “Nourishing Brew” (see bottle- less than 1/2 of 1% alcohol), barrels and other non alcoholic products. Later it was found that “employees” were making “real” beer and the “Feds” came in and closed the brewery with a 1000 padlocks. My father told me that they also came to the family farm and chopped down the apple trees to make sure there was no moonshine or brandy made.


'The Poster"

George Ringler & Company
Artist: Not Given
Lithographer: C.W. Girsch, NYC
Copyright Date: 1898
Size: 16" x 23-1/2"

With emotions running high because of the Spanish-American War, George Ringler obviously decided that beer and patriotism made for a good combination. And indeed they do in this delightful 1899 poster. As stated on the poster, Ringler founded his brewery in 1872. Its location was from East Ninetieth to East Ninety-second Street in New York City, in the very heart of Manhattan's once flourishing brewery district. Immediate neighbors included such lager beer giants as Jacob Ruppert and George Ehret. George Ringler and Company survived the first few years of Prohibition by making near beer, but this proved to be a short-lived success, and the brewery ceased operations in the early 1920s.

--Will Anderson, The Beer Poster Book, 1976.

1912 Calendar

1901 Calendar

Sales of 'Nourishing Brew' during Prohibition -wasn't enough for Ringler

Tray 1

Tray 3

Tray 2


Lou Jurena sent this from his breweriana collection - "The (bock) goat is attacking dandies who are drinking from bottles labeled "Whiskey", "Rock and Rye", "Old Tom" and "Gin"."  Lou also points out - the confederate uniform on one of the beer drinkers.  "New York City's population largely sided with the South during the Civil War.  Union forces were pulled from the battle of Gettysburg to quell draft riot in New York."

Ringler "Extra" for sale.





Ringler Pocket Book

Ringler Beer Stein

Ringler Beer Mug

1914 Bottle Opener

Baseball was big and so was beer. These were used for ...advertising about 1913-14 and featured a baseball player and a square Prest-o-lite hole to turn on and adjust the brightness of your automobiles gas powered headlamps. Crown tops were only invented in 1892 but were now more common in 1913. Then you could use the opener’s feet to get to your beer. I remember these in my dad’s dresser when I was a kid – somehow, somewhere they disappeared. Had to get one – eBay!


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