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“There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.”- Benjamin Franklin

"Here's to those who love us. And here's to those who don't."     

It takes beer to make thirst worthwhile.

"A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure."

Cenosillicaphobia - There is a Cure!

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BEER - "One common misconception is that beer is a specific drink --along with stout, ale, porter, bitter, and lager. In fact, beer is a generic term encompassing all these different types --meaning anything brewed with grain (although usually barley), hops and yeast. (Beers, Thomas Lange and Jo Forty, 1998, Chartwell Books, Inc.)

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CIBAS, the Central Indiana Beer Appreciation Society, was founded over a decade and a half ago in beer-centric Chalkies restaurant by myself and three other beer lovers over a few beers. Repeatedly gathered at Chalkies for their great selection of good food, famous Belgian beers, imports and microbrews we would plan a way to share our experience and promote good beer in Central Indiana. After several weeks the CIBAS website went up and a monthly newsletter was produced that provided beer news, listed local beer events and promoted beer appreciation.

Eventually, Chalkies closed and these original four people went their separate ways heading to different areas of the country. For the past ten years, I have maintained this CIBAS website and have posted the “Monthly Beer Newsletter”. Year 2010 now finds me with a new (and very time consuming) job and with many other commitments. The “Monthly Beer Newsletter” has less email recipients than before and online hits are less than in times past. Thus, I have decided that the “Monthly Beer News” will no longer be posted or distributed. Nor will any more email subscriptions or memberships  be accepted. I simply cannot devote the time needed to do this work in a worthy fashion at this time. The need for this newsletter in not as important as it was years ago. Central Indiana is now immersed in a great selection of craft beer and craft breweries – a blessing envied by many other areas in the country. The distribution of local beer information is also exquisite.

 IndianaBeer.com – blog provides a great selection of “Beer News”, a full calendar, and links to everything beer related.

 The Hoosier Beer Geeks – Blog and emails continuously provide information and updates on everything beer event-wise in Indy.

 The Brewers of India Guild – provides all  Indiana’s brewery and beer information, tap lists, the full calendar and more.

For the time being, I will, still maintain the CIBAS website, add some odd beer news, add a few jokes each month, and keep all the reference material and links. See you at a pub - Thanks for all - Mark S.


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********    Beer News Monthly   What's up, -  April 2010 THE LAST ISSUE ??????? !!!!!!!!!

Indiana Humor,     Indiana General Info

Overview of Beer in Different Nations

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Holiday Turkey with Cranberry-Beer Dressing Well it’s that time of year again This recipe comes from Carolyn Smagalski (aka – the Beer Fox) BellaOnline's Beer and Brewing Editor)

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Personal Beer and Homebrew Stuff

To Ale is Human to Ferment is Divine

Beer and Me

Will the person from Friedewald who tried to email me Sept - 3-5 please resend your request. Your letter was accidentally deleted.

Current Resume - C.V. (March 2017)

UC Davis Intro Class and Sierra Nevada Brewing - Jan. 2012
- the start of my journey to the 2013 UC Davis Master Brewer Program

Homebrew and Me.

Brewery Egg!

Beer Color References - Beer Color Labs.

  George Ringler and Co. Brewery - Lager Brewery, New York, 1872-1925 A Picture Tour of a 19th Century Brewery. My families brewing history.

Hop pillow recipe.  
Added info on Hops and Malts)

Captain Jims Extract of Darkness RIS

Early-Old Home Brew Stuff -

2008 Brew stuff  flooded brew b q
Home and Family, August Keg Painting,
2008 Beer Mysteries,
2008 GABF

SSB 2006 - "a little bent" chilli Brews!.
My "Brewery" the original shower stall

My Early Family Home Brew pics.


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C.I.B.A.S. (CIBAS) is an informal society dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of great beer. CIBAS is non-profit and completely voluntary. All monies collected are used to cover expenses and to provide many better beers to it's members.

Enjoy your beer, whatever it is, and enjoy your fellow beer drinkers - but be responsible. Be the designated driver. Help your friends and fellow CIBAS Members!
Any comments to CIBAS - CIBAS@earthlink.net

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