(Atractoscion nobilis)
Every society needs a mascot. Sea Bass (pronunciation of CIBAS) can be black or white, big or small,
 ranging from six pounds to over 100 pounds. There are two families and 500 species.

The Adventures of Cibas

Guinness' Fish-on-a-Bicycle star had a stand-in -named Cibas who was never invited to the big parties and celebrity galas.

He dreamed of running away when he got an invitation to visit Indianapolis from C.I.B.A.S.

He decided to make his move and swam with his bicycle to the Atlantic Ocean and then west.


Finally the strong ocean currents took him to Central America - where he headed north to the gulf.

After several weeks he found the mouth of the Mississippi and swam upstream with his bicycle.

He then found the Midwest and headed through the plains to Indiana.


Cibas made it to Indianapolis and felt at home after a few pints of Guinness.

Cibas became the mascot and an honorary member of CIBAS. He leads our weekly Ale toast. He feels at home with us and with some Indy SeaBabes

Cibas is training for the 'Little 500' while racing at the  Major Taylor Velodrome!

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