Overview of Beer in Different Nations,
from (Bootsnall.com.)

One could argue which beer is the best without end, but which brand sells best? An interesting research has been carried out by Bootsnall.com. Here are the ratings of beer sales in the world’s several largest beer drinking nations (except Russia).

Many people believe that Budweiser is the undisputed leader on the American market. However, it’s Bud Light that has born the palm since 2001. This brand enjoys a 16% share of the global sales in spite of the fact that it is available only in the US, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Ireland, and Sweden. Budweiser is the second-best in the United States. The next are Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Corona Extra.

At the moment, Canada’s most popular brand is Labatt Blue. Coors Light is ranked second and Molson Canadian - third. The latter won the third place from Budweiser in 2005.

According to Bootsnall.com, Brazil’s most preferred beer is Skol. Brahma holds 20% of the market and Antarctica – 14%. It may seem that the market is torn by fierce competition, but it’s not the fact: all these brands belong to the same brewer, AB InBev’s Brazilian division AmBev.

In Mexico, settled opinions coincide with the reality. Corona indeed is the best-selling beer. It also is the most widely distributed beer in the world and can be bought in more than 150 countries. But let’s return to Mexico. The nation’s second and third most loved beers are Tecate and Dos Equis. Tecate Light is close at their heels.

Germany’s 1300 breweries (in the total number of breweries, the nation is only behind the US) offer an extremely wide choice of beers, though lagers, of course, dominate the market. Krombacher, Bitburger, Warsteiner, and Beck’s are the most popular and the most exported of German beers.

The Netherlands
The palm is surely born by Heineken. Its closest rival Amstel is produced mostly for export, but there is no competition between them as it was bought by Heineken in 1968. Grolsch is ranked third, and is lagging behind considerably.

United Kingdom
The nation is traditionally famous for its ales. However, recently ales have been beaten by lagers on all fronts and Carling has been holding the first place for many years. Australian Foster’s and Belgian Stella Artois are ranked second and third respectively. Carlsberg is the fourth popular beer in the UK.

Many people believe that sales of stout have been falling recently. Indeed, Guinness has been losing its market share during the last years but it still dominates Ireland’s beer market and holds more than half of it. Among lagers, Harp is considered the most popular brand but it is also produced by the owner of Guinness, Diageo.

This beer lovers’ heaven serves an overwhelming range of beers. Belgium’s specialties include Trappist beers and white beers with fruit and spice. But this is the homeland of the world’s No. 1 brewer AB InBev. Consequently, Stella Artois should be the nation’s most popular brew. However, this is not the fact as its market share is just about 8%. It is AB InBev’s Jupiler that enjoys the leading market position (40%).

The Czech Republic
The nation with the highest per capita beer consumption in the world and the home of legendary Pilsner Urquell, the primogenitor of all Pilsens. But Pilsner Urquell is only ranked second. Its cheaper and more democratic brother Gambrinus is the leader in sales. Both are owned by SABMiller.

Not the largest beer drinking nation. After the popular canned beer vending machines were banned due to inability to control the customers’ age, the country’s beer market fell by more than 60%. Asahi Super Dry is believed to be the leading brand in Japan, followed by Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory.

Australian Foster’s beer is famous well beyond the Green Continent. But it is not so popular at home as its marketing men are trying to convince us. Australia’s beer preferences differ significantly from state to state. Each state is dominated by local brands. However, Victoria Bitter (VB) can be recognized as the most popular beer in the country. Toohey’s is the leader in New South Wales, whereas XXXX is the most demanded beer in Queensland.

China is the biggest beer market in the world, despite a very low consumption per capita. The leader Snow beer is followed by Tsingtao, with Zhujiang and Yanjing dragging far behind.


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