Shower Stall Brewery

My home office is down in the basement. It has a shower and sink. It used to be a guest room before some children came along. It is usually 68-70 degrees. The shower was no longer used. With a little work it has become a nice place to brew beer. Everything is easy to remove, clean and store.  Bottling and capping can be done nearby. Refrigeration for lagering and storage is behind the desk. However the stove (for brewing) is still upstairs.

My Office

I first cleaned and tinted the inside of the shower to decrease the amount of  light inside.

Then I added some plumbing so I could switch between hard and soft water, hose, sprayer, wort chiller, etc.

I also added some hooks, shelves and an overhead bar to store supplies and tools.

All done and closed up for the fermentation.

Easy to check on the fermentation status

 Refrigeration and taps (bar) are a few feet away