Shower Stall Brewery 2009
Salsa Beer - Temperature Adjustments - Bigger Brew Yeast Experiments 

Tough year to brew so far. Very busy at work and it is difficult to find 2-3 days free together, including the weekends, to get a brew going. Always the worry of getting started and then having to shut things down and head into work for an emergency or something. However, I did manage to take some time off in January and February and get some brews done. I was running out of beer!

Chili Moreno

Got asked again to do the a Chili Beer for a Cinco de Mayo family gathering. I decided to add more peppers to the boil and use an American Brown as the base beer instead of the American Wheat that I usually use for this family's chili Beer. Also this year there are some tomatoes added to create more of a "Salsa Beer". I added only a few flavoring peppers and tomatoes in the secondary. Will see how it turns out. Hot stuff for me.



Temperature Corrections

My little brewery only has two refrigerators - one for storage and one for lagering. Two beers this year needed fermentation temperatures other than room temperature (68-70F here)  or colder lagering temperatures. From several sources it has been suggested that 62 degrees F is the ideal fermentation temperature to achieve the desired balance between phenols and esters in German Wheat Beers. How was I going to do this for this years Dunkelweizen? I rigged up a fan and an IV set up to slowly drip on the towel covered carboy. With some small adjustments the temperature was kept at 62F. Once again - we'll see how this beer turns out. (Pictures Below)


For this year's Kolsch 58-61F was maintained with the brew kept in a cold garage and heated with a coil. Hope this work well also. (See Below)


Have had some problems with yeast survival to bottle condition some of the bigger beers - so I am trying to blend some more alcohol tolerant yeast stains an see how they work with the same barley wine recipe over time. will let you know how much good beer I may have wasted.


That's it for now - gotta get back to work - Thanks for stopping by - let me know your thoughts.