Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA

Class ended Friday with a tour of the main Food Science and Technology Laboratory. Where the graduate students sold those cool beer glasses.  Too late in the day to fly home so I decided get out of the rain, have a beer, and then to stay an extra day and go to Chico and visit the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. How could I not? - being only 75 minutes away. Besides that, several times during my UCD brewing class SNB was praised and used as an example of what a brewery should do and how a brewery should run. Couldn't find anybody to talk about - electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy! These pictures don't do this brewery justice - Wish I had more but I used my cell phone for GPS on the way up and the battery was way low and the  phone had to be used sparingly. An amazing place - huge, great food, beer, and an important commitment to the environment. Will be back soon.

Had to kill some time before the tour.

Red-oric - Yum!

Over 10,000 Panels - largest private collection in North America

Fuel Cells

Composting tanks -More panels.

Big Mill.

Murals - Malting - Milling - Mashing - Wort Boiling


Laboratory Entrance


Many etched tiles in the building.

Half of the SNB Bottling line!


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