Single White Friar


Single White Friar is an example of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale within the GABF (BA) and BJCP style guidelines.  It is a “big” beer, complex and strong, especially by BA standards. Unlike some strong beers that are obviously high alcohol, Belgian Strong Ales are deceiving with their alcohol  hidden by the malt flavor, phenols and esters. Be reasonable in your consumption.

Light Lager drinkers may find the aroma and flavors to be overwhelming.

Craft beer drinkers, who are unfamiliar with Belgian beer, may find these aromas and flavors very different from the English, German and American styles that they may be familiar with. These Belgian Style beers are driven by the malt varieties and the contributions from the yeast during fermentation – Spicy – peppery phenols and dried fruit- like esters. Belgian ales are often fermented at high temperatures (90° F!) lending the beer with phenolic and estery qualities considered undesirable in most other styles.


The Single White Friar recipe is more complex than most – eleven separate malts along with 66 lbs of Belgian candi sugar. Belgian yeast for production of higher alcohols, esters, and phenolics. No Spices. Opal hops. Double Mash. 10 bbl.

The final beer is a dark amber cherry copper color - the perfect color for a Belgian Dark Strong - where “Dark” actually means that the beer is not golden. Single White Friar is intended as an Abbey version of this style with more sweet notes in flavor and aroma then the Trappist versions.

Vital Statistics:

Single White Friar                           BJCP                                      BA
OG:          1.094                   (1.075 - 1.110+)                 (1.064 – 1.096)
IBUs:       37 (Opal)            (15 - 25+)                             (20 – 50)
FG:           1.031                   (1.010 - 1.024)                    (1.012 – 1.024)
SRM:        20                         (12 – 22)                               (7 – 20)
ABV:         8.5%                   (8 – 11)                                 (7 – 11)

This beer was bottled on October 3rd, 2008 and is presented as a sealed reserved beer. This brew should continue to develop in complexity and sweetness over time. If you are able - “cellar” your bottles and enjoy them in several months and in years to come.

Many thanks to:  Jeff and Linda Eaton (owners), Jon Lang and Mike Hess (brewers) and the rest of Barley Island staff for your help in producing this beer.